In what can only be labeled as an expected turn of events, Kaskade has officially confirmed the development for a new, non-SoundCloud related platform by which to share his music. Given recent career developments, this is not shocking news, as the iconic DJ/producer also confirmed in the same interview that he is also in the midst of compiling a new album.

What may be the most intriguing take on his recent interview with THUMP is that Kaskade also states that he's been developing a new platform "for years," which raises a few key questions. Foremost, if the top names in EDM were already aware of the potential pitfalls of SoundCloud "years" ago, what has slowed the development of these new, artist-specific downloading portals? Was there a belief that SoundCloud could possibly bridge the gap between artist, label, fan and copyright? And as well, what does this portend for the literal peer-to-peer musical sharing economy that has buoyed the rise of EDM over the past five years? If a gulf exists between top dance artists and SoundCloud, then what becomes of SoundCloud? With mainstream labels gaining sway over the service, a platform serving mainstream and fledgling independents could leave Soundcloud as a showcase of what the gulf between the 1% and 99% of modern music appears to possibly evolving into.

(Dancing Astronaut)