Insanul: Well, first off, you know TMZ is gonna run up on every single rapper they can find and ask them about the beef. That’s just what TMZ does and that’s why they’re the best, at being the worst. And judging by the way 50 Cent had way too much fun making fun of the whole Solange Elevator incident (he must have a lot of time on his hands) so you know he’ll get on his Instagram and poke fun at those two whenever he can. Other than that, I’m hoping for Oprah to try and mediate this feud only to have both Jay and Ye rebuke her.

Justin: I can’t sweat 50’s new hobby of comedic hip hop punditry via Instagram. But as far as protective hip-hop figures are concerned? Dame Dash, for sure. He’ll weigh in with his typical nine-paragraph ‘gram captions. Game will write at least six Jay Z disses and release three of them. I can’t imagine Beyonce wading into whatever nonsense, at least not publicly. And Kim K. ain’t bout this petty-aggressive rap life.

Oprah and her boutique cable network ain’t equipped for this entirely hypothetical conflict. No, this looks like a job for T.I., who's three good deeds and one cabinet appointment away from resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict. Not that I’d ever suggest that Kanye’s ego is as tumultuous as the Gaza Strip.