Insanul: I’d say the stakes are surprisingly low; nothing either one of these guys would do could diminish their respective legacies at this point. They’re both legends twice over. However, this would certainly become the most talked about rap feud ever, just because of the size of their celebrity and the media landscape we live in today. So it’ll get covered to death making it seem more important than it really is.

Justin: Jay may be a pop culture titan, but he wouldn’t gain much by sonning his little brother. However, if Jay caught an L? From Kanye? On wax? It just amplifies this looming sense that Jay should retire for rap and run his Roc Nation empire. Kanye, in contrast, doesn’t have much to lose. Which is Kanye’s steez and persona at this point. 

Insanul: Yeah, I must admit Kanye kinda can’t lose in that the Cult of Kanye is so strong that no one would admit he did even if Jay totally ethered him. It’s just like the Cult of Apple in that people can’t admit that the last few iPhones haven’t really had major improvements but they keep buying iPhones anyway.