Justin: Kanye’s mania aside, I think Jay’s signature detachment keeps this tension from getting out of hand. Right? The most reckless he’s talked was on “Super Ugly” versus Nas. To think that Cam’ron and Game stooped so low as to talk greasy about Beyonce, and even then Jay threw a few subliminals, a brief retort here and there, but never overkill. Jay knows how to suck the oxygen from a fire. If it ever got properly ugly, it could only be Kanye making an ass of himself, all by himself, regardless of Jay’s response.

Insanul: To be fair, these two know more dirt about each other than anyone just because they’ve spent so much time together. It would definitely get ugly if either went after the other’s spouse, because you know Jay has some slick shit to say about the sextape. I'm sure he privately told Beyonce some jokes that made her giggle for days on end like Mr. Burns and that crippled Irishman. But you’re right, that’s not gonna happen either way. For one, the last time it got super ugly Jay’s mom made him apologize and that’s so LAMMMMEEE.