Happy Monday droids, or if you're like me maybe a Not-So-Happy Monday to you, too; but regardless of how you feel your day is about to get a whole lot better. K1K0 and Vices all hailing from Orlando, FL have teamed up to premiere their Jersey club tune "C'mon Bae" here on DAD. Imagine if you were to take all the best bits of disco and Jersey club, captured in all its' aural bliss and then perfectly blended into one sensual, energetic, and dynamic tune; this song is that tune. This song pays perfect homage to Donna Summer's "If It Hurts Just a Little" and the disco era while bringing you a modern flare with its pumping Jersey-club beat, Vices and K1K0 have done this seamlessly and it does not disappoint. It's been on repeat at my house all day long, and now it can be on repeat all day in yours as well. Listen, download, enjoy and keep your eye on K1K0 and Vices I get the feeling this is only the beginning for these guys.