Are you ready to try Jay Z's "40/40?" How about Mariah Carey's "Butterfly?" Before you get too confused, know that those are the names of the drinks for the new beverage line that Hov and Mariah just launched with executive Kevin Liles. The announcement was made today that the new beverages line will be hitting over 7,000 Duane Ready and Walgreens stores across the country soon.

What do they taste like? Mariah's "Butterfly" is described as a pink concoction aimed for "young to middle-aged women." Sounds like a special treat to us. Jay's on the other hand is "an Arnold Palmer-esque" beverage that will apparently tickle the outgoing sporting man in just the right spot. For $1.99, we will of course have to try them out.

For those of you with smartphones, there will be a special icon on the can you can scan with your phone with all of the latest news on Mariah or Jay. Or you could just check the Internet... from your smartphone.

Is Hov's "40/40" about to become the preferred drink of the hip-hop fan?

[via Forbes]

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