Zack Fortune (aka Furoche) is a name that the mainstream unfortunately never got a chance to get familiar with, but more than a handful of notable industry figures called him a friend.  A week out from a three show mini-tour in Colorado with Three Six Mafia's Gangsta Boo, Furoche was struck by a vehicle in New York while riding his bicycle, and passed away from injuries last night.  Buygore artist Ash Riser was a close friend, and they were working hand in hand on an imprint called Dream Brigade that houses a collective of incredibly talented artists.

Furoche was an incredible producer, engineer, and DJ.  He had his hands in screen printing, cinematography, and a million other ventures.  The stories that he's left behind are legendary, he was one of the most caring and kind souls that music has ever connected me to, and we lost a great artist and a staple in the New York party scene way too early.  Ma-Less has had him at her Shake 'n Bass party in Orlando numerous times.  He was a personal friend, and we were planning on moving to LA together.  This loss is painful, and it's personal.

Our sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends, as well as everyone at Buygore and Dream Brigade.  We are proud and humbled to have had him contribute his work to DoAndroidsDance, and hope that you blast this one more time with us.

UPDATE It looks like funds are being raised to help aid in funeral costs for Furoche. They're looking for $10,000. Any amount helps.

UPDATE Gothamist reported on the accident Furoche was in; it looks like the NYPD doesn't have any information on this situation. Word is Fortune was on his way to an interview for a bike messenger position when he was struck by one car, then pinned between a second vehicle. While the NYPD and FDNY have no real details on the situation, Zack's mother did fly in from Florida to identify his body. We'll keep you posted.

"Im so blessed to have known you. I know you would want me 2b strong but this isn't right & I'm weak right now. Life is way to short for the Good ppl. I'm lost and I'm numb and extremely heart broken. I'll miss you Man. As you would say #TurboRarePhoto Of us New Years Eve 2013... I brung in my NYE with one genuine man who was like my brother. No lie. I love you Zack. Now you can rest." - Gangsta Boo