It's festival season, and Atlanta's Bro Safari may be 2014's biggest beneficiary. For those not paying attention, the veteran producer has emerged from years as a drum & bass legend as a member of Evol Intent into being ideally suited to being a main stage, peak hour EDM superstar. Thus, when this verifiable top draw works with equally gifted frequent collaborator UFO! and unheralded, yet gifted Spanish duo Beauty Brain, a must-listen bass bin thrasher is the only logical conclusion. "No Control" is free to download and delivers as advertised. It's a roller coaster journey through modern bass styles, and thus calling this a trap anthem would be selling it short. Spiraling synths sound as if they're bouncing in the speakers with gymnastic motion, buoyed by a thick and ominous bassline. Definitely something quite different and defying expectation, but again, when discussing Bro Safari, this is merely becoming par for the course.