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I want to preface all of this by saying that neither Twitter nor SoundCloud looks to have spoken out about this yet, but this report from Re/code states that SoundCloud could be getting purchased by Twitter. Right now, word on the e-streets is that SoundCloud is worth around $700 million, which would easily make this the largest acquisition Twitter has made, ever. Re/code does mention the (failed) Twitter Music app, which ended up getting shut down back in March. Re/code also notes that this move could help SoundCloud on the ad-side of things, as it'd be a part of Twitter's reported $1 billion earning ad operation. This would of course mean that, no matter what, SoundCloud would be even further under the microscope of major labels, which could end up leading to crackdowns for bootleg-producing remixers out there.

Without word from either party, it's really hard to speculate what this would mean for SoundCloud, but it's definitely something to keep your eyes peeled on.