Ever since Frank Ocean got trippy at Coachella and it felt like his body was overtaken by "Novacane," it was only a matter of time before black kids would be coming to festivals and/or musically checking for Z-Trip more than Jay Z. Thus, the idea that revitalized R&B vocalist Omarion could release a FADER mix featuring Kaytranada, Sango (who recently remixed Omarion's "Icebox"), Sweater Beats, Shlohmo, and Rustie (in anticipation of "Maybach O"'s forthcoming MMG album, Sex Playlist) makes all the sense in the world. Telling too is all of the early '80s and early '90s R&B present here, too, in this—more blended than mixed—mix. If you're a producer in your early 20s, your influences are far more aligned with 1984 and 1994 than 2004 in 2014. In Omarion calling for more "feelings" in his music and the vibe of this mix being described as "new R&B," this playlist shows that culture has yet again reached an era wherein rhythm and blues and dance music have become not just bedfellows, but more significantly intertwined.


1 Kaytranada – At All
2 Sango – No One Else
3 Sweater Beats – Make A Move
4 Falcons – Call Your Name
5 Rustie – Slasherr
6 Kaytranada – Hilarity Duff
7 Shlohmo – When U
8 Clouded Slum – Play Dough
9 Soul for Real – Candy Rain
10 Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long
11 Gap Band – Outstanding
12 Lapalux feat. Jenna Andrews – One Thing
13 LL Cool J – Around The Way Girl
14 Perseus – Love in Zanziba
15 Pharrell – Gush
16 Chrome Sparks – Still Sleeping
17 Sango – Trust Me