Nero's a group that I've loved to see grow. They went from being coming up through the dnb ranks via Breakbeat Kaos and Viper to aligning with Chase & Status over at MTA, morphing into one of the more critically-acclaimed acts in the electronic music scene. Their 2011 debut album Welcome Reality helped open their sound up to the mainstream, and ended up placing a few tracks on the soundtrack for 2013 film The Great Gatsby.

In November of 2013, they posted the following Facebook update, which game some info, but was still pretty vague:

We're not sure what that blank blue image means. Whatever the case was, they were pretty damn silent until today's post, which just gives us a date:

While that's the traditional "new music" date in the U.S., we're not sure if this will be the date they just Beyonce a new album on us. We're going to assume this will be the date that they premiere their new single, maybe on radio or somewhere, with more details on their sophomore project. We'll keep you posted, as 2014 is set to be a bright year for album-length projects in the EDM sphere.


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