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"Remember moombahton?"

That's what BBC Radio 1 disc jockey Annie Mac jokingly remarks as she announced the debut of Dirtybird Records stalwart producer Justin Martin's remix to moombahton heavyweights Nadastrom's single "Fallen Down" from their forthcoming EP with Switch's Dubsided Records (which is due out on June 2. There was once a time when Dave Nada was known as a bastion of Baltimore club music that his excursion into mid-tempo global bass music appeared strange too, and many chided "remember Baltimore club?,"as well. Thus, as shocking as this may seem, this is absolutely familiar territory.

All hearsay and conjecture aside this is a tremendous remix that stretches the boundaries of club music and tech house in a manner that feels like stretching a rubber band beyond its initial tautness and floating it in a pool of water. Insofar as Nadastrom's album, while very little has been heard from it, the rubber band analogy may be the best way to consider describing what lies ahead. A little heavier  and dubbed out than club, with the vibe of moombahton and a heaping spoonful of tech house to make the medicine go down.

Annie Mac describes the soon to be released album as a "house" recording. Intriguingly, now boasting such a diverse background between them, Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom are likely two of the best veteran underground producers in the world to figure out where "house music" fits into the modern mainstream scene. This is absolutely a story to watch.