M.I.A. is having a huge week, first she performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and now she drops new music. Her latest is a remix of Beyoncé's song, "Flawless," with Party Squad handling the production. The remix is full of M.I.A.'s intense energy, as she brings her own twist to the song and concept. On the hook, we hear M.I.A. chanting, "Flawless bithces say hey, what's up M.I.A.? It's for the women and of course Beyoncé."

It appears though that M.I.A. has been sitting on this remix, tweeting that Bey's camp hasn't replied to her in months, thus she just dropped the remix out of nowhere. Take a listen to it below, and lookout for her new video "Double Bubble Trouble" to drop later this week.

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