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Today we've got a premiere for you from a young hip hop artist you may not have heard of and a producer by the name of Milo Mills whose previous work has graced the pages of DAD in the past. Together, the duo created a tune that's right on point with the blurred line between hip hop and dance music that has become less and less clear as public taste for house production has gotten a little less big room and a little more disco. Guys like Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper are all messing around with new sounds from garage, disco, and house, and while some are huge misses in my opinion (see: Vic x Disclosure), Mayo and Mills are seriously on point with their track "Rock With You."

Mayo, a 19-year-old out of Chicago, may not have seen a ton of blog love yet, but he's hit the stage with everyone from VMG heavy weights like Logic and Tayibb Ali to blog darlings like Hopsin and Huey Mack. His voice doesn't feel forced on this disco-heavy track, which speaks to the ability of this new generation to adapt to the changing music market and he's not afraid to let the production value speak for itself—a surprisingly uncharacteristic and refreshing quality for a young MC, which in no way downplays his ability to drop a couple really engaging, hot verses. His voice is almost reminiscent of a little internet wet dream you might remember named Goldlink, which bodes well for his sound to be embraced by both hip hop heads and casual fans alike.