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Yes, it's taken five years, but when the track (and video) are this good, who's counting? That's what we should all collectively be saying when we take in the now released kabuki-goes-moombahton video clip for Major Lazer's "Come On To Me" from their 2014-released EP Apocalypse Soon. Moombahton is a clear descendant of once massively top-40 influential reggaeton, and with this song and clip, Sean Paul - one of dancehall's largest names in its pop-dominant era - spits patois-tinged verses over some top-tier mid-tempo global bass. The sample is Willie Colon's "La Murga," a Fania Records salsa classic from 1972. What is ostensibly a classic Latin Christmas carol being turned into a bass-rattling summer anthem just extends a party further throughout both history and the calendar year. The summer starts right now.