Another day, another Gazzo track. Though the NJ-born-and-bred DJ has been pushing out remixes lately, he's never too far behind with originals. His last original "Funky Beats" has been charting on Beatport and his remixes have been doing well on iTunes (some would say he's now a bit more "official" in that sense), but Gazzo doesn't ever forget where he came from and that's why he's continuing to lace his fans with FREE original material. Linking up with vocalist Jeff Greenspan, Gazzo's "Lovesong" takes the pop-driven progressive formula and does it justice with some heartfelt singing and dope arrangements. The thing that a lot of producers don't understand when they're making dance music is how important that sense of tension and release is - Gazzo gets this. He's professing his love for hands-in-the-air progressive house and he's one of the few today I genuinely think is doing the sound justice. Sometimes it's a bit cheesy, but that's sort of the nature of it and we love Gazzo for not giving-in to any pressures to change his sound and chase a different sound. Celebrate Gazzo's 40,000 Facebook fans with him and enjoy this "Lovesong."