For his first official EP, LA's CRNKN chose to take the road less traveled and put out a pack of deeper tunes that are designed as he says to "try and distance myself from whatever preconceived notions people had / have about the kinds of music that I make." If you look at his recent output, I would say he's been trying to do this for a while. Anyway, I like this EP a lot. It's got a ton of the types of dance music I like. You've got slow, throbbing '80s-sounding stuff. You got some grime and some Miami bass. It's all really atmospheric and you might think it was intended to be the soundtrack of a film. If that's what you thought then you weren't far off the mark as CRNKN did have a concept in making this EP which you can find illustrated in the video below. It's kinda a generic story, but hey, can't fault a guy for trying.

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