Ash Riser is one of those dudes that we've been vibing with for a minute for his diversity and musicality.  Those that have only heard the bigger tunes he has under his belt will fail to realize is that he's more than just an emcee on Buygore that accentuates nutty bass records, and he's set to break the mold by refusing to fall into a formula.  His latest, simply titled "Baby Baby," is nothing that I would have expected, and the fact that it's self-produced is only the tip of the iceberg. He dived headfirst into a trap banger with purple synths, and actually sings on the hook with Texan songstress Amber Noel.  The musicianship is marvelous, and while we love seeing artists try new lanes, it feels even better when they get it right.  This one downloadable for free in exchange for a like on his Facebook page, and you should feel free to hit the purchase link below to snag this one up.