The Internet has truly been blessed this week.

Gangsta Boo and La Chat linked up with Mia X for a song—and video—called "Bitchy." It serves as the lead single from Gangsta Boo and La Chat’s joint album Witch, which drops in May. The track, produced by DJ Paul, is an anthem for the ladies—and it will give you one-liners to use on wack dudes for the next few months.

Here are my favorite lines:

"The bitchy, bitchy you love to hate."

"I'm the bitch that got that big ass money bag."

"I got my own money but I'd rather spend his."

"Most of y'all boys be lame."

"Your dick so small, you be pissing on your balls and all."

Watch the video above and start your weekend off right.

[via The Fader]

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