deadmau5 is back with his Coffee Run series, and while it might be unexpected, his next guest is none other than Vanilla Ice. This went down in Miami, with Vanilla Ice going IN on the history of the city, all the way back to the Native Americans. It's kind of crazy to see this side of Ice, highlighting the knowledge he has acquired. We also learn that deadmau5 had a school play on the Ninja Turtles. Wow. Click play and learn a lot more than you wanted to know about these two, and Miami.

And while we're on the subject of deadmau5, we can't leave you without mentioning what appears to be a hack of his Facebook and Twitter pages by Anonymous. We're treading lightly because a) deadmau5 is a trollmaster supreme and b) it is April Fool's Day, but based on some of these tweets, this appears to be a legit Anonymous hacking:

UPDATE Of course deadmau5 getting hacked by Anonymous was an April Fools prank: