Last minute treat for you today. RAW Records label head Dear Lola just hit me up with an exclusive track. I love RAW Records. They're straight up putting out some of the best and most adventurous bass music of any label in Canada. Not only do they support a ton of Canadian artists (which I gotta love, because my homeland needs some shine), but they also feature a great many amazing artists from around the globe. In this case, they have given us a remix from the upcoming Wineslow EP from Canadian bass duo CUFT. On remix duty are the Swiss producers Shake it Maschine and Mr. Pigman. They have crafted, with this remix, a footwork thrillride that clearly shows the influence of their idol, the unfortunately recently passed DJ Rashad. If anything, this remix shows the amazing impact of Rashad's work on a global scale. Look out for the rest of the EP to drop on May 6. I've had a chance to listen and you won't be disappointed. Quite the opposite, actually.