If you love 90's R&B, pop melodies, and raw lyrics about drugs, sex, and partying—and we know you do—then you need to check out Cherub. Straight outta Cashville, Tennesee, this electropop duo's been making waves touring their unique audio blend across the country. We caught up with members Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber on their Brooklyn stop, shortly after their sound-check.

We spoke about how they connected to form Cherub, as well as some of the musical influences who have helped to instigate their infectious sound. Knowing that they've been deep in tour mode, we also asked them about the craziest thing that's gone down on their trek across the country. You'll have to watch the video to find out, but let's just say it's "LMAO"-worthy. Literally.

You can pre-order their upcoming album Year Of The Caprese here and check out their tour video below for a taste of Cherub's life on the road.

Tour video by Laine Kelley