35 years later, Black Dave, William Wilson, and the Stone Roller Skate Gang are keeping The Warriors dream alive in the music video for "Fuck Everybody." Sporting an all-black look and wearing ski-masks to hide their true identity, they set up in Harlem and proceed to get into mischievous activity for the fun of it. They even pull a Trey Songz and steal a few girls in the subway station. There's one subtle change between The Warriors and this new school of misfits, and that's their attire. SRSG are wearing Jordans, The Hundreds, and Been Trill clothing. No matter how cool you think the vintage cut-off jacket looks, The Warriors never looked this fresh.

Check out the music video for "Fuck Everybody," directed by Black Dave and GoldPyrmdz. The Stone Roller Skate Gang's new project, The Griptape Mixtape Vol. 1, is available for download below.

[via Noisey]

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