Hometown: Houston

Twitter: @B_L_A_C_K_I_E

You should listen to: "Revolutionary Party Pt. 2"

An argument can be made that Houston’s B L A C K I E godfathered the art of consistently living on hip-hop’s fringes. Since 2005, he’s been releasing industrial, electronic variations of rap that some cite as being the main influence on Death Grips’ musical output. As much of a noise-artist that he is a rapper, BLACKIE’s music isn’t concerned with widespread recognition as it is with pushing one’s own self through life’s bullshit.

With the help of some whiskey, weed and Red Bull, he recorded his most recent album, 2013’s FUCK THE FALSE, in one take over beats that he put together himself. A lot of that album touches on him battling personal demons, having people bite his style and ruling the underground while saying “fuck you” to the mainstream. Having experimented with an endless amount of musical styles, he says that he next album will be heavily influenced by jazz. At this year’s SXSW, his intimate, but fiery performance had multiple dudes in the crowd holding back tears and even going over to hug him before he even finished his set.