Scene from the movie: When they arrest Gusto
Real life examples: Boosie's "Mind of A Maniac" Video, Joe Budden's Padded Room album cover

The soothsayers behind 1993's CB4 have been spot-on a number of times so far, so it wouldn't be surprising if they might predict the clothing that'd be popular 20 years later. And wouldn't you know it, we're currently in a cycle of 1990's nostalgia, from music to language to style!

For instance, when Gusto is hauled out of his own club by the police, what's he wearing? That's right: a Hannibal Lecter outfit, much like Lil Boosie would wear in his 2008 video, "Mind of a Maniac", and that Joe Budden would rock in his 2009 video for "In My Sleep." Though not every clothing trend has translated. To be fair, MC Gusto, Dead Mike, and Stab Master Arson would NEVER be caught in a Joe Budden-style vest.