If your find yourself sitting at a computer today struggling to come up with your most controversial music opinion to set Twitter ablaze with, well should probably blame rap journalist and EIC of The StashedKazeem Famuyide. Today, Kaz (as he's known) took to his Twitter, @RealLifeKaz, and asked his nearly 15,000 followers to "Tweet me your unpopular music opinion." And that they did, just moments later Kaz was complaining about having 230 mentions in mere minutes. 

Since we love unpopular opinions here at Complex so much, we couldn't help but dabble in the responses Kaz got. Here's some of our favorite tweets that feature some very unpopular opinions. 

Okay so, here's the part where you write an unpopular music opinion in our comments section and/or tweet us your unpopular opinion @ComplexMusic. Go ahead, you know you want to. 

[via Twitter]

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