Armed with rough rhymes and a gruff voice, Kevin Gates has made a name for himself in the last few years with projects like The Luca Brasi Story and Stranger Than Fiction. But he's also struggled to stay out of trouble—he was recently released from prison on a parole violation and told XXL he missed his SXSW set at he Pitchfork showcase after the police pulled him over and "ripped the cars up." But as anyone who has heard Gate's music can tell you, he's not all grit and grime. If anything, his most striking quality is his willingness to bare his soul.

When we caught up with Gates at SXSW, we tried to look past his tattooed tears and intimidating demeanor to get a side of him most fans rarely get to see. Although he admitted he isn't much of a sports fan, he does have a hobby that might surprise you: Fishing. Watch the Baton Rouge rapper talks about one of his favorite pastimes. 

Gates' next project, By Any Means, is set to drop March 18.

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