Not too long ago, we spoke on how easily Rihanna could be the queen EDM (might) need, if she wanted to be. The total opposite could be said about Justin Bieber, though. It's interesting to go through his singles and see how few actually contain even the worst EDM remixes. Part of that might be because his music is (made to be) danceable, but maybe most producers don't want to be associated with his brand of celebrity, especially now that he's descending further into douchery with every passing month. Couple that with his horrible "DJing" and the beef with Michael Woods, and we get why most remixers might not want to bother. That said, that doesn't mean there aren't solid remixes of his work. Far from it. And on Justin's birthday, we figured we'd salute the producers who were able to turn Bieber's pop-drenched songs into gold. Happy birthday, Biebs!