So this Tele Fresco dude was already put in front of my face before I even really paid attention.  I feel bad but I'd rather admit it straight up and move forward from here.  Because even though I've already covered something he's been a part of, I still feel like I helped DAD be first on him.  He's an incredibly interesting producer from Seattle with a criminally low amount of plays and followers.  And with his apparent alliance with the Bay area's Mikos Da Gawd... one would hope his visibility will only be on the upswing.  Tele Fresco has collaborated with Mikos Da Gawd a handful of times now, with the most recent one dropping last week as the highlight of Mikos' Soulection White Label release.  But in running through Tele Fresco's SoundCloud account, there's a ton of gems up for free download.  I've packaged six of them here for you to digest and enjoy.  I'm telling you his take on hip-hop and R&B tunes is super refreshing and I think it's only a matter of time before someone reputable snatches him up.