So you should sit down real quick if you aren't already.  This collaboration between Brooks Brown x Tranquillité features a combined age of both producers equaling 32-years-old.  That's right, 32.  And you can divide it right down the middle to see that both of these young bucks are each currently only 16.  I'm not 100% sure where Tranquillité is from but I do know Brooks Brown is growing up super close to me out in Leawoood, Kansas.  This recent collab from these youngsters is on some pretty impressive turn up juice and it's hard to not be impressed by what these two have cranked out here.  And while it's not necessarily news that there's young talent in electronic dance music's still mind blowing to me that there's kids in high school (and younger) sitting in front of their DAWs more than clowning around with their friends.  Maybe they do that anyways, but I don't remember being anywhere near this productive and proficient at 16.  Support from the likes of Mayhem, Ape Drums, and HLTR$KLTR definitely signifies they're doing something right.