This year marks the 27th annual South By Southwest (SXSW) interactive media festival. Austin, Texas plays host to over 2,200 acts—both established and obscure—in conjunction with more than 100 venues over the span of a little more than a week in March for SXSW. When the festival began in the late ’80s it was used as a tool for unknown acts to present themselves to labels and for college students near and far to have an alternative spring break. Since then, music executives, critics, and fans flock to the 11th largest city in the United States to catch what could be the next "big" thing.

Although thousands of artists perform at SXSW, only a few breakout into the mainstream. Those exceptional talents have gone on to receive record deals, drop albums, and eventually win Grammys. So, to all of those aspiring stars worried that SXSW is a waste of time or talent, we're here to say: take your shot. You might end up like these 10 Artists That Blew Up Because Of SXSW.

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