Have you ever been to a Red Bull Music Academy? Not just one of the ill events, but been an artist being able to bounce ideas off of your peers (and those who are that much ahead of you) and create music on the spot with a number of different acts? You ever wonder how and why the musicians we love continue to make music? This would be the perfect documentary for you. Marking the 15th anniversary of the RBMA, this film was shot during their massive RBMA New York event last year, and features a stellar cast (including Flying Lotus, Giorgio Moroder, Star Eyes, Richie Hawtin, DJ Assault, Brian Eno, Skream, and many others) all speaking about the highs and lows of creating music. It's a great peek inside the minds of these producers, and is a testament to why conferences like the Red Bull Music Academy can be so important for the enrichment of the life of a producer.

You can stream the full-length film up above, or head over to rbma15.com and get to know more about this film - and download it!