At DAD, we've prided ourselves on covering as much of the electronic music scene as we mess with, which is a lot. From footwork to fidget house, we've had over 6,000 posts dedicated to what we feel is the best of the best, from biggest festival stars to those who are getting little to no recognition. One genre we've definitely helped push, however, is the trap scene. Even before DAD's existence, the writers that make up our staff had already been well aware of the music that producers like Flosstradamus, Baauer, TNGHT, and many others have helped bring to the forefront. In TrapDoor, we saw a kindred spirit. TrapDoor's been representing for the trap scene in the UK since the summer of 2012, and have been champions of UK-based trap acts like Shackles, Stooki Sound, Hucci, and Ozzie (among producers the world over). When they hit us up to work on something collaborative, the idea for a U.K. Meets U.S. thing came about rather quickly. We'd already been representing for the aforementioned Shackles, as well as Maxx Baer and Howie Lee (who we recently got turned on to), so it made sense to comb our Rolodex and bring some U.S.-based beasts together and get some exclusive for this special one-off EP.

We want to send out a random shout to Shiftee, who'd recently dropped two UK Meets USA mixtapes (Vol. 1 / Vol. 2) with Elijah, showing how the U.S. and UK bass music and hip-hop scenes converge, but know that this EP attacks things differently. We're not bridging gaps, as trap's already there. The scene's progressed to the point where there's trap all over the world, but for today, we wanted TrapDoor to bring the UK flavor, while DAD represents the U.S.. And it's interesting to see the mix of turn up contained in these seven cuts. Shackles kicks things off with a a chilled bass boomer, with Maxx Baer getting a bit more emotional with the sound. Howie Lee's "Coordinator" kicks things up a notch, going hypnotic with the beat, setting things up for Happy Colors and Krumm's "Ignorant Mix" of "Hardcore." From there, Debroka goes from the big room to the trap house, while CRIMES! starts the moody come-down. Things end in a similar manner as they began, with HPNTK taking things "Low."

The full project is available for streaming and download (you can grab the EP in one .zip file as well). Shouts to Mark at TrapDoor for the idea and coordination (and the artwork). Big up to Nappy for his efforts in getting this sorted out as well.

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