And just like that, our 2014 just got much more sinister. In what can only be described as a beautiful surprise for DAD, SPL's aligned with Smog once again and is back on his drum & bass shit, twisting out this mental new cut, "The Sickness," which is the flipside to "Ransom Note," which is a treat for those of you who dug his Balearic Bass EP (and we know there's a lot of you out there). On "The Sickness," we get some MC Jakes-ish vocals (from around the time he was rocking with Technical Itch on the regular), but with a totally different sound, sonically. This one is a belter, and is enough to bring heads who might not be fully into drum & bass on board. You can preview the tune in full down below, and grab the entire release on February 18.

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