When we got word that Benga was retiring from DJing, one of the questions we immediately had was "well, what's going on with the Skream & Benga show?" That answer came in the form of an official statement we obtained from BBC Radio 1, saying that Benga was also leaving the show. At the time of the retirement, Skream had commended Benga for his decision, but we'd not heard word from him regarding the radio show... until this recent interview with inthemix.

After mentioning that he has a release forthcoming on Boysnoize sometime after the WMC (!!) and a release on Ultramajic this year, the conversation shifted to his thoughts on Benga's retirement: "I haven’t spoke to Benga in about a month; I haven’t seen him in a month. As far as I know he’s retiring from DJing, but obviously the message is I think he just wants to produce and start a family. As far as I know he isn’t doing the radio show with me anymore, I’ll be doing that solo and he’s not DJing live anymore, no." That ties into our thoughts, that Benga would be taking this time to start his family and the hectic life of a DJ would counteract with that. When asked if he'd ever retire to spend more time with his family, Skream replied that he's "addicted to what I do. I love what I do. I love touring. Don’t get me wrong, I massively miss my son when I’m away but with things like Skype it’s possible – I love that part of my life, I’ve loved touring since I first started and I still love it the same way now. I’m 27, I’m not retiring at 27. I’d be bored, I’d be absolutely bored shitless even if I was producing all the time. The nightlife element of my career, it’s a massively important part for me personally."

It all makes sense, and until Benga opens up more about this decision, we'll say you should tune in to the BBC Radio 1 program tonight to see if Skream has any more words on Benga's decision.

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