There's been some talk among the staff recently about what constitutes a quality DJ weapon and I actually stayed out of the debate.  I think, especially if you are a working DJ, everyone's ears are a bit different and you can certainly easily tell something that works by playing it out and just watching what it does to the people on the floor.  I've traveled a bit with DJing and one of the biggest constants everywhere I've noticed is that females are basically the gatekeepers to how much your dance party is really going to crack off on that given night.  They are going to make requests.  They are going to try and tell you what to play and how to do your job.  These are all facts.  And I honestly enjoy the challenge of beating them to the punch.  Here are 3 retro flips that have landed in my inbox this week that are instant winners when it comes to my digital crates.  There's a super tasteful twerk flip of Ace Of Base from Self Help and Tanner that'll crush during peak time.  The warm up set house-y flip of Digable Planets by Altered Tapes is a subtle stormer.  The mashup of Animotion and Nate Dogg by Dr. Fresch was actually featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and is simply a midtempo banger.  DJ's looking to up their retro crates need to look no further than these three joints this weekend.