R.A. the Rugged Man turns personal tragedy into an inspirational anthem with the music video for "Still Get Through the Day." The video is directed by Douglas Quill and finds the veteran rapper describing his life and the hardships that he encountered with his family. Both his sister and brother were born severely handicapped, while his father was diagnosed with cancer. Despite these setbacks, R.A. and his family made the most of their time together. The video depicts R.A. and his family in their earlier years, and also includes Eamon, who delivers a touching chorus on the record. 

R.A. shares more details behind the song and the music video with Complex, which can be read below.

"I try to go out of my way to give the culture everything I've got. This is the most personal music video I've ever released. I put it all on the table with this one. In 1981 my sister Dee Dee was born severely handicapped and couldn't walk or talk. The doctors said she would only live for 8 days, but she ended up living for 26 years. Her condition was supposed to affect only one person in a million, but a decade later my brother Maxx was born with a similar condition. He also could not walk or talk, and was also blind. He ended up living for 10 years and passed away in 2001. My father passed away from what was believed to be Agent Orange-related cancer in 2010. Through all the insanity and loss, our family stayed strong and stuck together to the end.

"This video tells the true life story about how it all happened. It's not just a song about my family and my loved ones; I wrote it for everybody. I hope the video is able to touch the world the way it touched everyone involved in making it. The director Douglas Quill and his film crew did an amazing job. They really put their hearts and souls into the production of the video, and I think it really shows.

"My family's story is only one of countless tragic stories throughout history. I tried to write the song and make the video so anyone can relate to it, not just the people close to me. The only way to get through life is to learn to accept loss and live through it. Enjoy the beautiful things life has to offer while they last, because nothing is permanent."

"Still Get Through the Day" is off R.A.'s latest album Legends Never Die, which is available on iTunes.

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