I am an obvious sucker for remixes like this, and before I even knew I loved electronic music, I was real heavy into indie rock. Of Monsters and Men are killers in the game, and "Dirty Paws" is one of their best songs.

I pretty much knew I was going to like it, but my thoughts were confirmed upon pressing play. The intro of the original sped up just enough to hold on to the softness of the rock track, while changing it up enough to know that you are hearing this song in someone else's hands.

The magic touch of Royal, as it stands. Hands that delicately arranged soft melodies remnant of flutes and harps, soft and light as the snow that fell outside my window last night. Each sound falls on your ears like an airy snowflake, and the distortions on the vocals flow with each note to perfection.

It is quite majestic, the Royal refix of an already beautiful original. Royal made this watching it snow, and it made me feel some type of way.

Yea. Me too. Oh, and it is a free download.