An electronic singer songwriter that put vocals him a dee dum duh duh di duh duh or something along those lines is like the a capella music. Hard DMX lyrics echo all around the groovy backdrop by the artist known as Meeka Kates. The beat is funky and beatnik sounding like, simple but layering this track, entitled "Closure," with even more complexity than from whence it began.

It is classy, quite trippy and beautiful. By the end there are horns and some really strong singing and of course, the echoing voice of DMX bellowing you to come one. You comply. And you come on, and sway back and forth to the melodic ambient tune until it rides out.

Meeka Kates succeeds with "Closure," making a statement that matches the sentiment of the title, even though we know he isn't closing any chapters with regard to the music. That being said, it could be the last words to someone or something that seals up that bleeding aired our heart with slimy candy striped veins. It probably doesn't pump to well in that state. It is so weird, the more I look at it, the more it looks like it is eating itself.

Seeing the sketched album art, a beautiful drawing from Alex Konahin; it seems to be a very machine like heart, cut open at the top. The drawing is creepy and steampunk, whereas I get an airy feel from this track. All of these things about it really speak to the artistic integrity of something of a different breed of talent, making the combination of all of those things work together and sound so great.

Like the value that was held in the album art of CDs and vinyls, and the importance of the entire concept of music as an art from the standpoint of its creator. Meeka Kates said himself on Facebook recently, "that it may be his most ambitious to date." I urge him to run with that ambition, and make more music like this: