You guys should be up on Noah D; I got introduced to him years back as a drum & bass producer, and he impressed me... but as a dubstep / bass music producer, he totally blew up. It's interesting to see him now, the bass music maven, in an era where everyone seems to be dipping into the jungle pot, making sense of things. Enter Lost City, Noah D's latest project. As Lost City, Noah D and Babylon System's No Thing are embracing the styles of jungle that they loved coming up and reinterpreting it for today's electronic music set, christening their style as "JNGL."

This week they've been releasing a track a time from their three-track EP; Kmag kicked things off with an original, "OG Roots," and today DAD has the premiere on their remix of Johnny Osbourne's "In Your Eyes." The vocal on this one is so beautiful, and has been used before (anyone remember 0=0?), but the jungle-meets-trap vibe in this remix is right up our alley. Jungle has the warmth, and they apply the pressure, to truly elevate the sound into this new era. Stream and download today.