Last week, Lil Wayne brought fans inside of his world with the first installment of his new vlog, "Weezy Wednesdays." Viewers got a sense of what they could expect from a behind-the-scenes show about Lil Wayne's life, and episode two really delivers on the behind-the-scenes part. Wayne discusses how he came to work with Young Money's recent signee, Euro, and he takes viewers to the shoot of the "We Alright" video. The video's director, Colin Tilley, talks about how it came together and what Wayne's role was as co-director, etc., etc.

The real highlight, though, is when the scene shifts to Wayne hanging out at the skate park with his skate friends. Here, we meet the whole crew, which features, among other dudes, someone named Spanish Mike. Spanish Mike doesn't get much screen time, but based on his name alone, he already might as well be a star. If a future Weezy Wednesday involves a behind-the-scenes at Spanish Mike's video shoot and an interview with the director, don't say you weren't warned.

Also important: Lil Wayne is getting way better at skateboarding. It makes sense that he would because, by all appearances, he's been practicing more or less daily for the last two years or so. But still. Here he grinds the full length of a rail, which is, like, definitely worth some points in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. This is key Lil Wayne skate footage. Check it out above.

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