In 2003 and 2004, Dave Chappelle was the King of Comedy. Chappelle's Show was one of the funniest and most talked-about shows in America. Better yet, Dave was a hip-hop head at heart. His show featured both musical and comedic performances by Mos Def, Common, and on a couple of occasions, Kanye West. It seems like Kanye was looking for Dave to return the favor when he asked Dave to play Jesus in one of the three videos shot for his single "Jesus Walks." For whatever reason, Chappelle declined.

However, according to J. Ivy, when Kanye performed at Webster Hall in NYC after the album dropped, he and Coodie convinced Chappelle to don the bear costume on stage during the show—only to reveal himself at the end of the night. Kanye has since found somebody else to play Jesus.