Justin Bieber has never shied away from rapping. At one point, it was believed that he was invited to participate in the BET Hip-Hop Awards Cyphers. Thanks to TMZ, we now know that this tendency to rap has been a part of Bieber's DNA since before he was one of music's biggest pop stars. The website has leaked audio of Bieber rapping over the "Cannon" instrumental. Bieber uses the "Cannon" refrain to make slick references to his penis, saying, ""Hey my young, wanna have some fun? You can play with my cannon." Asher Roth introduced Bieber on the song, and ends the song talking about bringing Bieber to Lenox Mall to help him pick up girls.

It is worth noting that Roth himself has rapped over "Cannon" on his mixtape, The Greenhouse Effect.

[via TMZ]

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