Earlier today, Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach for:

  • A DUI,
  • Drag racing,
  • Resisting arrest, and
  • Driving with an expired license.

Local police stopped Bieber early Thursday morning (4:11 AM EST) while he was driving a yellow Lamborghini at approximately 60 MPH on a residential street where the limit was 30. The singer's father, Jeremy Bieber, allegedly aided Justin in blocking off the street so he and friend Khalil Sharief, who was driving a Ferrari, could race their (rented) whips

Miami Police Sergeant Bobby Hernandez told the New York Daily News that Bieber failed his sobriety test "miserably." The singer reportedly confessed to consuming alcohol, prescription drugs, and marijuana. He also asked—according to the police report—"What the fuck did I do? Why did you stop me?" as well as noting after being asked to step out of the car to be searched, "I ain't got no fucking weapons, why the fuck do I gotta be searched?"

At 1 PM EST, Bieber appeared in a Miami Beach bond court via a closed circuit TV. The judge served him a $2500 bond—$1000 for driving under the influence, another $1000 for resisting arrest, and a final $500 for driving with an expired license.

Bieber has since been released, and was free to do as is his wont: Wave to his adoring fans, hop in a massive SUV, and be driven off into the fates that lay wait for him, more likely than not, with a really, really high-priced lawyer:

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