Just days ago, George Zimmerman announced he'd like to participate in a "celebrity" boxing match in which he'd "fight anyone." While the fight promoter Damon Feldman put a call out for opponents applications via Gmail, rappers like Game and DMX have publicly offered to get in the ring.

While neither Zimmerman or Feldman have offered a response to these two, according to TMZ, Zimmerman is looking to combat an MC. Specially, Kanye West. Sources tell the gossip site that Zimmerman is interested in fighting Yeezy because he frequently attacks innocent people—not just paparazzi, but Zimmerman has allegedly cited Kim Kardashian's recent harasser who got an over $250K out-of-court settlement after Kanye attacked him for calling his fiancée a "n****r lover."

Everything about this is incredibly weird.

[via TMZ]

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