DJ Q-Bert occupies an awesome space in the DJ scene. If you want to talk about technical know-how, he's one of the immediate names you need to reference. You talking about a 1991 DMC US champion (solo), and a three-time DMC World champion in team competition. What's dope about him is, instead of hording all of the secrets to himself, he banded together with a number of his homies to create the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, sharing their acquired DJ knowledge to the heads who followed them (and helping boost the turntable and mixer-buying public to insane heights during the '90s DJ culture renaissance). DJs like A-Trak are direct descendants of Q-Bert, and A-Trak was even a member of ISP back in the day. When you look at mega-talented DJs like Craze (and loved the Scratch Nerds II project), you have to recognize Q-Bert.

Is this "electronic dance music?" Not at all; the majority of this show and mix are devoted to Q's intergalactic take on hip-hop. But if we're going to pay homage to DJ culture, you have to admire what Q can do with the decks. During the interview portions, Q even speaks on the forthcoming mixers from his camp. And if you dig the tracks he played from his Extraterrestria album, you can contribute to the Kickstarter campaign right now. The top-down aspect of this set is dope, as are the random bouts of breakdancing during the set. Plus, Q is a character - if he's playing at a festival you're attending, we highly recommend you checking him out.