One of these days, everyone will wake up to the collective realization that rap originated as a sub-set of dance, and thus has been (and always will be) suited to often being the best party music. Until that point, let's all listen to what Los Angeles-based producer Party Favor did with mid-'90s go-go/rap smash "Let Me Clear My Throat" by DJ Kool and be in awe. If dance and rap must commingle in the current generation, 100 BPM twerk is probably the most comfortable place at which rap-favoring top 40 at the moment can benefit from the significant influence of indie-to-mainstream dance. Deceptively simple in composition and excelling with top-quality execution, this track is definitely worthy of addition to any regularly spinning DJs digital crates. A tailor-made winner for happy hour or peak hour, take your choice and watch the booties shake.


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