Well look at that. When DAD talks about producers jacking other producers, mans want to talk shit; deadmau5 tweets about it and it's the talk of the EDM town. I see yall. In any case, deadmau5 isn't messing about on this one. He's going right at Wildstylez over Wildstylez' "Straightforward," which deadmau5 says lifts his own tune, "Some Chords":

Listening to the two tracks side-by-side, deadmau5's case seems to be open and shut:

  Wildstylez, in a weird twist, seems to acknowledge that it wasn't deadmau5 that the idea sprang from, but this track by Booty Luv:

That might be the first time we've ever heard a producer defend themselves by saying they lifted a chord progression from another song. deadmau5 isn't buying it, though:

We hate that the hardstyle family is only coming out to say that deadmau5 is going after the hardstyle scene, like he cares about that. In any case, we'll see how this one plays out.

(White Raver Rafting)

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