Broken Lizard, the comedy troupe that brought us two of the funniest movies probably ever, Beerfest and SuperTroopers. A German techno track called "Budibodi Bidibu," by Bubbles was featured in both slapstick comedies, which just happen to be favorite flicks of one Philadelphia DJ.

German techno vocal Bubbles float through the bars of this track, and pop into drops of RA!N, falling to trap drums and dubstep wubs and wobbles. This is the third thumbs up in a row from anonymous superhero headquarters for this young trap-twerk-bass-in-your-face white boy with swag sensation, another hero from Jump Up, a local Philadelphia record label that is making serious moves early in 2014.

A troupe of epic proportions, the troopers are something super altogether. Don't sleep on any of these guys meow. Listen to their music right meow. Soon enough, they will be impossible to ignore, with new artists and plenty of new music headed your way, meow. Right meow.

It is not always sunny here in Philadelphia, even if this morning we're getting a tiny break from the polar vortex that has plagued us this winter. All I see in this forecast is a storm moving ferociously with its eye on the entire globe, with RA!N falling hard and heavy. You don't want it to go away, though. Sizzling hot drops, melting the ice and snow from this chilly winter until everything is just dripping wet.

Go outside. Put your head to the sky, open up your mouth and your mind and your eyes and your arms and catch some of the sweet liquid falling from the skies. Soak it up because there is plenty more where it came from. You just wait.