Who knew that the drum & bass massive was being represented at the Winter Olympics this year? We got word from a DAD reader (hi, Kamil!) that Artur Was (aka Voima) is currently in Sochi competing for speed skating gold! Not just that, but we saw that he set a speed skating record on February 10, hitting the 500 meter distance race in 34.5 seconds.*

His drum & bass alter-ego, Voima, has been uploading a grip of neurofunk to his SoundCloud page for the last eight months. It looks like he actually has just started having tunes get released last week; his Formula EP even dropped on the same day he set that record. If you dig the tracks down below, know that he has a new single dropping in March. Check out his Instagram to see if he does more Sochi IGing.

Just another notch in the drum & bass belt; how many of YOUR favorite genre's producers are doing the damn thing for their country on the grandest stage of them all?

*EDIT Here are Was' adjusted Sochi 2014 times. It looks like Was didn't set a record. Our apologies for the misinformation, although it does not diminish the awesomeness of Voima's work.